Christopher Morris



2015 - onwards :
Director of the School of Film & Television, Falmouth University.

2003 - 2015:
Freelance director/producer, exec producer, story consultant, academic (Newport Film School) and professor of documentary practice.

1989 - 2003:
BBC London and BBC Wales (Director, producer and series producer)


Being Frank: The Chris Sievey Story (Directed by Steve Sullivan) 1x90mins
2013 - 2018
Story Consultant.
The revealing story of an 90’s comic icon - Frank Sidebottom. World Premiere SXSW 2018.


The Hallelujah Man
The final part of the ‘evangelist’ trilogy (see The ‘Hallelujah Kids’ below)


Fog Of Sex: Stories from the frontline of student sex work
(Visual Influence & Newport Film School 1x60)
Drama doc concerned with student sex workers. Winner: Best Cinematography BAFTA Cymru 2016 & Best Film for Young People: Celtic Media Festival 2016

Mametz (National Theatre Wales)
Co-creator and Creative Associate
A large-scale, site-specific First World War play, developed with writer Owen Sheers and performed in an ancient woodland in Monmouthshire). Mametz was co-commissioned by National Theatre Wales and 14-18 NOW, WW1 Centenary Art Commissions, supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England and the Heritage Lottery Fund.

A dual edition of the play was published by Faber and Faber in March 2017. The edition combines the original English-language text with a newly commisioned Welsh-language adaptation by Ceri Wyn Jones, one of Wales’s most eminent poets. The play is now on the A level syllabus in Wales.

American Interior (ie ie productions 1x90)
Story Consultant
Gruff Rhys’ musical odyssey takes him across America in search of an 18th Century relative, Welsh Native Americans and a 12th Century Welsh prince.

Loserville (Newport Film School 1x30 min BBC Wales)
Executive producer
Drama highlighting issues of youth homlessness. Written and directed by Peter Watkins-Hughes and staring Alexandra Roach, Jonny Owen, Denise Welch and Matt Berry.
Winner of the ‘Best Short Drama’ Celtic Media Festival 2013.

My Life: Children of the Road (CBBC/Indus Films – 1x30mins)
A portrait of children living on the largest Irish traveller site in Britain; under threat of eviction.

My Life: Tough Kids (CBBC/Indus Films – 1x30mins)
Executive Producer
A documentary for children that began as student graduation film - steered to network transmission through CBBC and Indus Films. Boys explore ideas of growing up.

Children of God (BBC World Service Radio – 1x30mins)
The bizarre world of the American child evangelist is laid bare – exploitation or a miracle from God?
Winner - Best Current Affairs Programme - Global Media Excellence Awards 2009
(The Association for International Broadcasting).

Jukebox Juniors (CBBC/Indus Films – 2x30mins)
Executive Producer
A documentary for children that began as student graduation film - steered to network transmission through CBBC and Indus Films. A Cardiff based hip-hop dance troop, go to Las Vegas to compete for a world title.

Painting Humanity (BBC Wales – 1 x 30mins)
Ideas of Humanity are explored through the eight short-listed artists for the third Artes Mundi Prize.

An American in Aberfan (BBC Wales – 1x60mins)
An exploration of grief, set against the 40th anniversary of the Aberfan disaster and the creation of an artwork by American artist Shimon Attie.
Winner – Best Documentary (Celtic Media festival 2007).
2008 DVD Published with Shimon Attie’s publication “The Attraction of Onlookers “
(ISBN 978-1-905762-40-8) Attie, Shimon (2008) Parthian,
Dec 6 2008–Feb 22 2009 An American in Aberfan screened at the National Museum Wales to compliment the finished artwork by Shimon Attie.

The Ice Cube Tray Needs Replacing (BBC Radio 4 – 1x15mins)
A visitor’s book from a small Cornish cottage is brought vividly to life –– 25 years of griping British holidaymaking is laid bare.
Nominated for the 2006 Celtic Film and Television Festivals - Best Radio Documentary

Everyman - Does Prayer Work? (BBC Manchester/Discovery Health – UK 1x60mins, USA 1x50mins)
Three years in the making - This film follows a unique clinical trial run in America to assess if ‘prayer’ can affect medical outcomes.

Combat Pilot (BBC 2 & BBC Wales – 6x30mins)
Two years in the making - This is the first time in 25 years that cameras have got access to the training of RAF combat pilots
“Quite an eye-opener” – The Observe

Painting The Weather (BBC4 – 4x30mins)
Series Producer
Four interactive programmes that complimented the biggest on-line art exhibition ever mounted in Britain.
Each programme examines the changing attitudes of artists towards the ‘the weather’.
This was the first ‘arts’ series commissioned for BBC 4.

Double Yellow (series I & II) – (BBC 2 Wales – 12x30mins)
Series Producer
A highly innovative and dynamic weekly arts magazine show, presented by Owen Sheers, Marc Rees and Rakie Ayola. Filmmakers included Matthew Springford, Gruff Rowlands and Keiran Evans.
“The best programme to emerge from BBC Wales”
The Western Mail.

The Angel of Mons – The Making of an Urban Myth (BBC Radio 4 – 1x30mins)
A Chinese puzzle of a story that takes me in search of ‘an angel’ via A junk shop, a Victorian writer, a mysterious piece of film, a haunted house, the first world war, half a million dollars and Marlon Brando.

Everyman - The Hallelujah Kids (BBC 2 – 1x50mins)
A follow-up film to my 1996 film (The Hallelujah Kid) about the life of a child evangelist: child ordination, demons, devils on the open road. Nominated for Best Documentary at the 2002 Celtic Film Festival.
“Deeply brilliant…one of the best things I’ve ever seen on television” Victoria Coren - Evening Standard
“Wistful, sad and slightly surreal….an ‘Oh brother where art thou’ with shades of David Lynch” Kathryn Flett - Observer
“Once seen, never forgotten….it was scary. And sad.” John Lyttle - Daily Express
“Morris’s may be an unconventional approach, but it yields an extraordinary intimate portrait”. Emma Parry - Time Out
“The Hallelujah Kids was sad, funny, and never dull” Robert Hanks - Independent
“A disturbing portrait of a damaged young man”. Guardian

Fragments In Time (BBC Radio 4 – 1x30mins)
A personal journey discovering the extraordinary story behind a few fragments of diary I found scattered in a hedge.
Winner - Best Radio documentary 2001 Celtic Film Festival
Winner – Best European Radio Documentary 2001 Premios Ondas Award (Barcelona, Spain)
Nominated - 2001 SONY Radio Academy Awards.

Screen Gems – The Minutes of Torture (Gaucho/Sgrin/Channel 4/British Screen – 1x3mins)
A 3-minute drama (shot on 35mm) exploring the relationship between physical and psychological torture.
Premièred at the Welsh International Film Festival 2000
Shown at the London Raindance Film Festival 2001
Winner of the Special Jury Prize at The Kino Film Festival 2001
Winner (Intolerance Prize) The Berlin Film Festival 2001  

Reputations – Janis Joplin: Southern Discomfort (BBC 2/REPUTATIONS – 1x50mins)
A revealing portrait of the 60’s singer Janis Joplin.

XL: Growing Michael Owen (BBC Wales 1x30mins)
A ground breaking and experimental documentary follow the ups and downs of an U12 mini-league football team from a deprived area of Cardiff. The football sequences were filmed using over 30 radio mikes simultaneously to attempt to capture, the inner workings of the players and the spectators.

History File – Poverty (BBC Education 2x20mins)
Winner - ETmA Award (European Television & Media Management Awards) 2000 – Best Education Programme
Winner – Celtic Film & Television Award 2000 – Best Education Programme

In Context – Lord of the Flies (BBC Education 1x20mins)
One of a three film series, exploring the cultural, social and historical backgrounds to great works of literature Nominated for a Children’s BAFTA award – Best Education Programme 2000.
Winner of 2 BAFTA Cymru 2000 awards for Best Education programme and Best Factual Director.

In Context – Animal Farm (BBC Education 1x20mins)
In Context – Journey’s end (BBC Education 1x20mins)

In Context – To Kill A Mockingbird (BBC Education 1x20mins)
In Context – Of Mice & Men (BBC Education 1x20mins)
In Context – An Inspector Calls (BBC Education 1x20mins)

The Man Who Would Be Prince (BBC Wales – 1x30mins)
Made for a BBC Wales history series, this film explored the life and the myth of the iconic Welsh prince Owain Glyndwr. For this programme I used a similar ‘shadowplay’ storytelling technique I had developed for ‘Jackanory’.

The Lowdown: Portrait of the artist as a young girl (BBC 1 1x30mins)
A portrait of a teenage immigrant from Romania whose paintings sell in LA for $100,000 - a story of precocious talent and commercial exploitation.
Selected for pick of the day in The Guardian, Daily Telegraph, Sunday Times, Observer and Daily Mail.
“Christopher Morris’s deft film” The Daily Telegraph 1997
“It could easily be a South Bank Show” The Sunday Times 1997

The Lowdown – The Hallelujah Kid (CBBC – 1x30mins)
On the road with 14-year-old evangelist Shaun Walters, saving souls, healing the sick and finding the devil within.
‘A compelling portrait of a boy in an adult world who has willingly traded his childhood in return for eternal salvation’ The Scotsman

As Seen On TV (CBBC – Series I, II and III – 18x30mins)
Series Producer
A video diaries series made by and for children.
Winner of the 1995 BAFTA and RTS award for Best Children’s Programme.
Winner of the best children’s programme at the 1995 Chicago Children’s Film Festival.
‘Top-notch entertainment and genuinely challenging…. awesome’ The Guardian

The Lowdown – The Lost City (CBBC – 1x30mins)
1:4 children living in Britain live in poverty. A portrait of three boys, three families in one street in South Wales.
‘This programme is one of the most damning indictments of nineties Britain I have seen in a long time’ TES

Jackanory: The Wizard of Earthsea (CBBC – 6x15mins)
I adapted for screen, the classic Ursula Le Guin fantasy novel ‘The Wizard of Earthsea’; Read by Nigel Terry and brought to life through an innovative ‘life size’ shadow play.

The Curfew (CBBC/EBU – 1x15mins).
The film explores the consequences of petty crime on a child placed by his mother on curfew in his Manchester bedroom. Broadcast in the UK, Europe and other participating international countries 1994-5.

Dynamite: Our Cousin Rohit (BBC/EBU – 1x15mis).
The film explores the aftermath of a racist murder in south East London.
First public screening (EBU conference, Amsterdam 1993) and broadcast in the UK, Europe and other participating international countries 1993-4.
Winner – Best Current Affairs programme (TV) – Race in the Media Awards 1994.

The Lowdown: Asylum (BBC1 – 1x30mins)
The plight of unaccompanied child refugees is revealed through the stories of three child asylum seekers.
Selected for ‘pick of the day’ in The Guardian & The Sunday Times)

Activ8 (CBBC – 6x30mins)
Series producer/director
A lively sports series aimed to introduce children to a wide variety of sport beyond football etc.

Chocolate (BBC 1 – 4x30mins and 1x90mis)
A closely observed hypothetical played out by 30 children, where teams took on the parts of aid agencies, political parties, chocolate growers, West manufacturers and warring factions. Selected for ‘pick of the day’ by The Independent, Daily Telegraph, Observer, Times, Daily and Time Educational Supplement.

1990 – 1991
Schofield’s Europe (BBC 1 – two series. I directed 7x30mins)
A travelogue programme based on differing European Cities. The programmes tried to cover the light-hearted, little known and darker sides of the countries that we visited; I made films about Reykjavik, Prague, Istanbul, Vienna, Basel, Athens and Berlin (presented by Phillip Schofield).

1990 – 1992
Going Live
Assistant Producer
Responsible for producing weekly film content for the live Saturday morning children programme.

The Lowdown: Bring Me Sunshine (BBC1 – 1x30mins)
The impact of a ‘Sunshine Coach’ on the lives of three physically disabled children living in the North East of England.


• Celtic Media Festival winner (Fog of Sex: Stories from the frontline of student sex work – Best Film For Young people) 2016
• Celtic Media Festival winner (Loserville – Best Short Drama) 2013
• Celtic Media Festival winner (An American in Aberfan – Best Documentary) 2007
• Celtic Media Festival nomination (Everyman: The Hallelujah Kids – Factual Documentary) 2002
• Kino short film festival winner (Three Minutes of Torture - Special Jury Prize) 2001
• Berlin Film Festival winner (As above - Winner - films against violence & intolerance) 2001
• BAFTA CYMRU winner (Lord of the Flies - Best Education programme) 2000
• BAFTA CYMRU winner (Lord of the Flies - Best Director - factual) 2000
• BAFTA award nomination (English File - Lord on the Flies BBC education) 2000
• BAFTA award nomination (History File – Best secondary education) 1999
• Celtic Film Festival winner (History File - Best Education) 1999
• European Television Media Management Award winner (History File - Best Education) 1999
• RTS nomination (English File – Best secondary education) 1998
• BAFTA and RTS winner (As Seen on TV - Best Children’s programme - factual) 1995
• The Chicago Film Festival winner (As Seen on TV - Best children’s factual) 1995
• International Prix Jeunesse winner (As Seen on TV - Special Jury Prize) 1995
• Race In The Media Awards (Dynamite: Our Cousin Rohit . Best Current Affairs Programme, TV) 1994

• Global Media Excellence Awards - The Association For International Broadcasters
      winner (Children of God – Best Current Affairs Doc – Radio) 2009
• Premios Ondas (Spain) winner (Fragments In Time - Best Radio doc) 2001
• Sony Award Nomination (Fragments in Time – Best Radio doc) 2001
• Celtic Film Festival winner Fragments In Time - Best Radio doc) 2001